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Welcome to NCredible Mindz, the veteran-owned staffing agency empowering accomplished IT professionals as Technical Support Engineers, Software Engineers and IT Managers. Join our dynamic team and work in the IT, Retail, Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare, and Government contract industries as IT professionals and elevate your career to unprecedented heights of success and fulfillment.


Why Choose Us?


At NCredible Mindz, we offer exceptional rewards with competitive salaries and attractive hourly pay rates, recognizing your expertise and dedication. Stay ahead of the curve with continuous learning and recommended certifications, fueling your career advancement. Enjoy a healthy work-life balance with suitable working hours.


You will have a great chance to access cutting-edge tools and technologies, collaborate with fellow IT professionals, engage in exciting projects, and gain global customer exposure while earning the highest salary. Your hard work and contributions will be recognized and appreciated, and you'll have the opportunity to learn new software, hardware, and network technologies. We prioritize a positive work environment and your personal and professional growth.


If this aligns with your aspirations, seize the opportunity and join us now to elevate your career to new heights of success!


Submit your resume today to take the first step towards unlocking exclusive opportunities tailored to your expertise. Our dedicated recruitment experts will actively search for the perfect role alongside you, ensuring you have access to exclusive positions.

Ready to take your IT career to the next level? Embrace a future filled with endless opportunities in the world of IT industry.

Take a transformative journey to advance your career. Harness your potential for exponential growth and development, positioning yourself for future roles such as System Administrator, Engineer, or even IT Manager. 

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Per Diem

Experience outstanding salary and work with a reputable IT industry on single shifts, ensuring lucrative compensation for your valuable contributions.

Contract Roles

Hone your skills and gain exposure through contract placements, offering defined hours, improved wages, and ample learning opportunities to enhance your professional growth.


Discover the ideal fit for your career with our contract-to-hire option. Explore potential opportunities and make an informed decision before committing to a full-time position. If it doesn't align with your goals, rest assured knowing that we have alternative placement solutions to support your career journey.

Direct Hire

Focus on delivering your best work while we handle negotiations for you. Trust us to navigate pay, benefits, and perks, providing a seamless transition into your new role without any initial friction or workplace politics.

Ignite your career potential with our job board or let our experts find your perfect match. Submit your resume and let us connect you with exclusive roles that align with your skills and aspirations. Join us today for a rewarding professional journey.